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    We are following the current guidance issued by the Church of England, in relation to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. For information, please go to https://www.churchofengland.org/more/media-centre/coronavirus-covid-19-guidance-churches



    In accordance with Diocesan regulations, the Parish is committed to adopting the policy of safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults.  Please see the 'Parish Safeguarding' page for more details: parish-safeguarding-policy.php



    update 26th July.....

    All Saints Church is now open daily.


    Masks are still to be worn in church, unless exempt. 

    Congregational singing is now allowed, with masks on. 

    Hand sanitiser and social distancing still to continue for the forseeable future. 


    Weekly services at All Saints Church :-

    SUNDAYS :-

    8am - Holy Communion (BCP said)

    9.30am - Parish Communion (with music)


    9.30am - Holy Communion (BCP said)


    Every Second Sunday of the month - 11am Holy Communion at St Chad, Sproxton



    Our weekday online services still continue.

    Currently, online service sheets are also available - please see 'Weekly Online Service Sheets' page which is attached to the 'Weekly Notices page'.



         Monday – Friday :-

         10.00am    Morning Prayer

         Tuesdays :-

         9.30pm    Compline (please note new time)




    Password: 625893


    Or dial: 0203 051 2874

    Meeting ID: 335 003 2015

    Password: 625893





    The Helmsley Herald is available on the website - see 'Helmsley Herald page'.  Vicar's letter below.......


    Dear friends,

    Pandemic – what pandemic?

    Hopefully we will be asking this question very soon!  We know that COVID-19 is going to be with us for years to come but the roll-out of the vaccine means that in this country at least COVID-19 is likely to have the same impact as influenza as we go forward, that is it will not overwhelm us.  Our task is now surely to help ensure that the rest of the world is vaccinated too.

    As we emerge from the pandemic what can we say as Christian people? Perhaps most difficult for us is a reminder that God does not intervene in the natural processes of nature.  God is all powerful and all loving and yet allows us to suffer.  Suffering is part of the human condition.  And we learn from the life of Jesus whom we believe to be God that he too suffered and died on the cross.  And he chose not to escape from this death.  We might call this enduring love or in the words of our Archbishop, Stephen Cottrell, ‘the tenacity of love’.

    Many have suffered during the pandemic.  Yet I pray that as we return to something like normal that our lives will be once more filled with joy and expectation and thankfulness for all that we are given.

    Very best wishes,

              Tim Robinson, Vicar








    Lord Jesus Christ,
    you taught us to love our neighbour,
    and to care for those in need

    as if we were caring for you.
    In this time of anxiety, give us strength
    to comfort the fearful, to tend the sick,
    and to assure the isolated
    of our love, and your love,
    for your name’s sake.


    Helmsley Parish in the Diocese of York

    Helmsley's parish church, dedicated to All Saints, dates back a thousand years and more. The present building , built on Norman foundations, was dedicated in 1838. Helmsley Parish also includes Anglican churches at East Moors, Rievaulx and Sproxton.                 

    On Sundays in Helmsley there are two well-attended services and a regular midweek Holy Communion. Locals and visitors alike, of all traditions, are always very welcome to all our services. After Sunday's main 9.30 am service at Helmsley there is an opportunity to meet one another over refreshments.                  

    Helmsley Church is open every day as a place of interest and for private prayer from 9am - 5pm (summer) and 9am - 4pm (winter). St Columba's Chapel, in the south transept, has votive candles to aid people's own particular prayers.                                                         

    A Christian church has existed in Helmsley since AD 200, according to the 19th century wall-paintings in the north aisle. Certainly there was one on this site by the time of the Norman Conquest. (There's a 10th century hog-back tombstone in the porch and an entry in the Domesday Book of 1086.) The present building's splendid chancel arch, one of the largest in Yorkshire, dates from the 12th century (as does its counterpart over the entrance). Otherwise the handsome present day building is largely the result of major restoration in Victorian times, with the stained glass as well as the murals from this period too.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

    All this variety of history and interest makes Helmsley Church a very special place to visit and worship in. More information about our other churches is elsewhere on the website.


    In accordance with Diocesan regulations, the Parish is committed to adopting the policy of safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults.  Please see the 'Parish Safeguarding' page for more details: parish-safeguarding-policy.php







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