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9th - 10th October 2015

World Homeless Day -

All Saints, Helmsley sleep over to mark world Homeless  Day on      10th October

This unusual event saw 13 people sleeping in the church overnight, with a further dozen joining them for prayers and breakfast in the morning. SASH (Safe And Sound Homes) cordinator Sarah Ware spoke to participants at the start of the evening to explain how the charity helps young people facing homelessness. Then it was hot chocolate, marshmallows and a treasure hunt for the children, before settling down for the night.

One of those who took part was Anne Lishman, who said: “I wanted to do my bit to help someone, even if it was only in a small way. We were lucky, we had a sleeping bag, and pillows, a roof over our heads and food to eat. We had friends and family with us. If you find yourself homeless, you don’t have this. SASH is here to support the young  who find themselves in this situation.”   


Annika Dowson, organiser, said "Peoples' generosity never fails to amaze me. I have just met up with Sarah Ware, to hand over all sponsorship we received for the sleepover held at All Saints Church for world homeless day - with 13 people sleeping (sponsors collected) and a further 10-12 people joining in for services before and after we have raised a fantastic £443.00"

Well done and thank you to all involved!!"



                                                                                                                    (Top photograph credit: Nigel Holland)_____________________________________________________________________________________________


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